⭐ NEW! Tax Preparation Package! ⭐

⭐ NEW! Tax Preparation Package! ⭐

Does Tax Season always catch you unprepared?

Tax season always comes again too soon!

Are you frustrated with all the slips and receipts that you never find the time to file? And when SARS decides to do an audit, you have to start scanning your documentation so that you can upload the required backup?

Let me help you by organizing your required tax backup documentation!

How does it work?

  • You arrange delivery of your documentation with your driver/courier company.
  • I scan all your documents and do a quality check.
  • I name the scanned files and organize it for fast and efficient retrieval.
  • If you have any electronic files, you can supply it on a flash drive with the hard copies, or make it accessible in the cloud. I will then retrieve it from there and incorporate with the rest of your scanned documents.
  • I will capture all your expenses on a spreadsheet for easy reference.
  • Depending on volume you can choose a once off package of 5, 10 or 20 hours. Or you can buy a monthly retainer package.
  • Should you ran out of hours before work are completed, you can easily upgrade by simply paying the difference between the higher and lower package.
  • Once completed, I supply your electronic files to you in the cloud for downloading, or on a flash drive (supplied by you), that can be collected with your documentation. Collection to be arranged by you with your driver/courier company.

Now, when you get the dreaded audit notification, you know you will be able to quickly upload the documentation required!


I am not a tax practitioner and cannot give you any information or advise regarding tax, or file your tax return for you.

I only aim to help you get ready for tax season by scanning and organizing your backup documentation for you.

If you need a tax practitioner, have a look at the company I use:
Bean Accounting