Review: Blogging Secrets Course

Review: Blogging Secrets Course

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The general consensus on the World Wide Web (or what we all know as the Internet!) is, that if you have a website you need a blog! Starting your own business, creating a website and all other task involved is daunting enough. But blogging! This means writing! And most of us will do anything avoid writing, as we see it as a skill that only a certain elite class (writers) have!

Starting my own virtual assistant business after being retrenched have put me exactly in this predicament. Since I am the type of person that always do a lot of research, I’ve discovered and completed (some still ongoing) a few courses about blogging.

The one course I love, I have found on Facebook. Jenny has offered her course for free to people who are willing to sign up as an affiliate and write an honest review.

Remember I will get a small commission if you sign up using my affiliate link:

Once you’ve signed up, you will land on a clean and simple to navigate page. The first section is the Welcome (read this first page) and the next section give you the opportunity to download the course workbook. On this page you will find a scroll-able version of the workbook with the download link at the bottom of the page.

I find the workbook especially useful as it gives a basic summary and clear instruction regarding to the activity that needs to be completed relating to the course. After completing the workbook, you will have your blog name, niche and ideal reader identified. It will also help you determine what you are currently spending your time on if you are not sure how you are going to find the time for blogging. The last 2 activities help you to create a Instagram plan and a way of keeping track of your affiliate programs.

The course covers the following major areas:

1.My blogging story

Jenny have a very enjoyable writing style. I’ve enjoyed reading her story about why she started a blog and how she ended up doing it full-time. And how she managed to make it profitable!

2. Before you start your blog

Planning before starting a blog is vital, because you have only 15 seconds to impress visitors to your site, before they leave! This section gives you the important things that you need to have in place before writing a single blog post! You need to pick a name and complete your branding. It is important to determine your niche – this is the specific topic you are writing about. And then Jenny gives you a detailed list of questions to be able to define your audience. You need to know who you are writing for!

Bottom-line – Find out what makes you unique!

Find out what makes you unique!

3. Setting up your website with WordPress (.org)

WordPress makes use of various plugins to give different functionality to your website. Here Jenny lists (with links) some useful plugins for your blog. Since plugins can slow your blog, do not go and install all these plugins all at once! This is definitely a section that you will need to keep on revisiting as your blog develops!

4. The Business and Legal Side of Blogging

This section deals with the legal things we don’t want to but have to think about. It covers ASA guidelines, invoicing and how to keep your own accounts, as well as trademarking and protection.

Jenny refers to laws and guidelines in the UK, so be sure to do the necessary research regarding the laws and guidelines in your own country.

Also remember to bear in mind that working online also often means have to comply with international laws and guidelines!

The most important part of this section is the recommended tool to prevent your site from getting hacked!

5. Blog Writing Secrets

Jenny shares with us some useful tools for making your blogging life easier. This covers areas like social media schedulers, security, tools to design picture messages and graphics, E-mail subscriptions, note-taking apps, customizing affiliate marketing links and working with videos.

Read about the 6 handy Evernote features I use!

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We all can do with productivity hacks! It all boils down to making your blog a priority and then scheduling specific times for writing. And then for blogging related tasks like promotion etc. This is were you complete the section in the workbook: Where are you spending your time? This enables you to see what is your timewasters and you can utilize smaller time-blocks! Jenny also share many more valuable tips!

The last few sections cover valuable advice about creating quality content, tools to check the effectiveness of your headlines and how to track your progress. Also, how you can re-purpose your content into various different formats.

Your blog won’t take off if your audience don’t know about you! Find useful tools and tips about how to get traffic to your blog and using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effectively! Google must become your new best friend!

6. Social Media Secrets

We all love social media! But instead of just browsing mindlessly, use Jenny’s tips for the most favourite platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus) to promote your blog. She also covers some less familiar platforms like StumbleUpon and Snap Chat. And of course, an all-time favourite YouTube. A section I will refer to very often!

We all love social media!

7. Where to find paid blogging and writing work

This is what we are all after. Making money with your blog! Since you don’t have to follow the course in chronological order, this is the section a lot of you will be heading to first!

In the first section Jenny explains the different type of paid work available and share links to different websites where you can find paid work.

The next section about follow and no follow links I’ve studied very carefully. I have already stumbled upon these terms previously but have yet to find a good explanation of them. Well done, Jenny!

The next section gives you quite a brief list of what you need in your media kit to attract potential customers. The list may be short, but it does require a bit of work! Luckily, Jenny also supplies you with a template for Pinterest that makes things easier!

Jenny also explains how to work out your rates (including a template with sample ideas for packages) and ways to diversify your income!

8. Affiliate Marketing Secrets

In this section we learn about Affiliate Marketing. What it is, networks you can join and a video about the secrets of making it work for you.

9. Hosting and Running Secret Giveaways Secrets

A giveaway is a wonderful way to drive more traffic to your blog or website and can even lead to recurring customers!

This section covers how to find giveaway prizes, how to setup and run a giveaway and where you should promote your giveaway.

10. Scaling up your Blog Business

An important part of scaling up your business is increasing your brand authority (DA), which also influence your rates. Jenny explains different ways to do this as well as why a targeted email list is important and how to get started. Lastly, remember to build and grow your community.

11. Bonus Section

Word Bonus in red on black background

We all just love value-adds! This course has 7 bonus items! But I am not giving away anything! For you to find out what these bonuses are, you need to buy the course!
For £99 (est. R1700) this course offers immense value for the novice blogger! Remember I will get a small commission if you sign up using my affiliate link:

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