1.How long have you been in business?

I’ve started On Hand Virtual Solutions in October 2018.

2. What do you specialize in?

I specialize in Digital Information Management. I digitize your physical records through scanning and doing a quality check of the digital record. I create a file plan to organize your digital records. Your naming convention is a guideline to a standard naming of your digital records to avoid duplication and ensure efficient retrieval.

I can organize your email by sorting into folders and deleting irrelevant emails. I can create and manage your address book as well as a database of your clients or staff.

I also provide general admin services like typing, data entry and internet research. I can compress, split and merge and rotate pages in pdf format. I can assist with Excel (data entry, basic formulas, pivot tables and formatting).

I also do basic Photo Editing and can create a photobook of your precious memories.

3. What hours do you work and do you work weekends?

My contactable hours is Monday to Friday 10:00 – 16:00. I limit my contactable hours to ensure that I can focus on providing high quality work on time.

Since I believe in work-home balance I do not work weekends.

4. Does location matter? Where are you based and what time-zone are you in?

Location: Alberton, Johannesburg. Time Zone: Johannesburg (GMT+2)

Location doesn’t matter for any projects that can be done virtually.

If you need my services on-site, or need to send physical documents location does matter and depends on cost and availability of courier services.

5. How do you charge for your work?

I have different options:

  1. Per Hour for small tasks
  2. Retainer
  3. Per Project
  4. Please refer to my Pricing & Contract Page for more information.

6. What is the turnaround for work and how do I pass the work on to you?

Turnaround time will be arranged per task or project. You can send me work through courier (physical records for scanning), via email or through a online sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Or if required you can give me online access to your systems you need me to work on.

Your information and password will be protected and I will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. I use Keepass to keep all username and passwords safe.

7. What do I need to sign and is there a minimum length of service?

A contract will be provide on acceptance of your task or project. Minimum length is 1 hour, and time are billed in full hours only.

8. Is our work covered by a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement?

Yes, this will form a standard part of your contract with On Hand Virtual Solutions.

9. What programs do you use and how much experience do you have in them?

Microsoft Office (Outlook and Excel): Advanced

Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint): Good working knowledge

Windows File Explorer: Advanced

Photoshop Elements: Basic Editing

Gmail: Good working knowledge

Other: 7 Zip, Keepass Password Manager, Chrome, Acrobat Reader, Calibre (E-book management), Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Note, Whatsapp; Crowdfire (social media scheduling), Canva (basic design)

10. Are you personally doing the work or is it being sub-contracted out?

I do the work personally. I will only sub-contract once confirmed with the client.

11. How often do we stay in touch and what if your preferred communication method?

I will provide feedback on the progress of your task 1-2 times per week.

My preferred means of communication is email and Whatsapp. Communicating through writing leads to less misunderstanding and ensure I have all the correct details.

12. How quickly do you respond to emails or phone calls?

I will respond within 1 business day. Phone calls not preferred.

13. What happens to your clients work when you are ill or on holiday?

Holiday time will be announced in advanced and I will not accept any work for the arranged period.

In case of illness I will contact the client and arrange to have your project outsourced to another VA I trust.

14. Do you invoice upfront or once the task is completed?

Hourly task are invoiced once completed

Retainers are invoiced and payable upfront. Please note that retainer hours do not carry over to the next month.

Projects are invoiced and payable 50% up front and 50% on completion.

15. What payment methods do you accept?

I only accept EFT payments. Banking details will be provided on the invoice.