3 Tricks to Improve your Facebook Marketing Strategy

3 Tricks to Improve your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Many owners of start-ups or small businesses are not very successful using Facebook as a marketing tool, due to the fact that it is very time-consuming and growing followers is a long time process. As a Virtual Assistant at On Hand Virtual Solutions, I am currently doing a specialization in social media marketing to enable me to provide social media marketing as one of my services to my clients.Neil Patel explains in his article How to get more Facebook traffic by posting less that businesses can still effectively market themselves on Facebook in spite of a new content algorithm that has been implemented.

The goal of this algorithm is to ensure more meaningful interactions for Facebook users.  The most important thing is to understand how this algorithm works and how to control the signal (consideration about content) to ensure that your post is displayed on the news feed of your audience.

How can you ensure meaningful interactions in your marketing strategy?
  • Post high-quality content that offers great value, as well as videos with subtitles.
  •  Actively engage with your audience by responding to their comments so that you can start building a relationship.
  • Act as a curator and share relevant and informative articles that will address their needs.
  • Ensure that you do not post more than 2 to 3 times per day and don’t overuse hashtags.

Facebook word cloud in heart shape
Facebook Word Cloud
Many businesses find social media marketing too time-consuming and therefore don’t incorporate this excellent tool into their marketing strategy. But Industrial Marketing.com has published a great article: 3 great social media tools for business. The trick is to use a social media scheduling tool.
What is the useful marketing features of a scheduling tool?
    • Using a calendar to schedule future posts and thereby ensuring that you don’t exceed your 2 to 3 posts per day as determined in the previous article. 
    • The auto-schedule feature comes in very handy as the number of posts per day can be set up beforehand.
    • Additional features like social monitoring, keyword and hashtag lookup and they allow you to post to various social media platforms.
  • Security features ensure that passwords for your social sites are not shared and some of them even allow you to implement specific permission levels and have real-time security alerts.
3 of these scheduling tools that you can explore is SproutSocial, Hootsuite and Buffer.

In order for your business to maximize your exposure on Facebook remember the following tricks:

1. Facebook Algorithm: – know and understand the new Facebook algorithm and tailor your content and media accordingly in order to reach your target market.
2. Engage: – make sure that you always reply to comments on social media,  in order to build a long-term, interactive relationship.
3. Scheduling Tools: – use scheduling tools to your advantage in order to stay ahead with your social marketing schedule on Facebook and all the other platforms you use.
Which one of these tools are you going to implement today to expand your reach on Facebook?

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