Mood Board: How to create one in 12 simple steps with Canva!

Mood Board: How to create one in 12 simple steps with Canva!

A mood board can help you to create an amazing design or graphic for your social media post. Which will help to grab the attention of your target audience!

Creating a mood board can help you to pick exactly the right colour combinations to convey the message you want in your post.

We can do it easily using only two simple tools:

  • Canva Color Palette Generator, and
  • Canva design app.

Follow these simple steps to help you create a mood board

Find a photo

  1. Find a photo that convey the mood you are looking for. You can use free stock photo sites like Unsplash, Pexel or any website you prefer for an image to use. Download this photo to your computer.  You can even use your own photos!

For this example, we will look for a picture with bright colours, like this one I found on

Women using earphones to listen to music from her phone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Canva Color Palette Generator

2. Upload your photo to the Canva Color Palette Generator website.

Screenshot of Canva Color Palette Generator page
Upload your photo

3. Select Upload Image, navigate to where the photo is stored, select the photo, and click on Open.

Screenshot of Canva Color Palette Generator page with arrow showing the Upload Image button
Upload Image Button

4. At the bottom of your photo you will now see how the tool extract the colours from the photo. You will see the individual colours with their names and HEX values.

Photo of uploaded image with 4 colour palette colours
Generated Colour Palette


5. You can create our mood board with Canva on the website or using the desktop app. First you need to sign up for Canva. You can do this with Google, Facebook, Apple or using your email with a password.

Sign up screen for Canva. Login using Google, Facebook, Apple or Email and Password
Log in to your Canva account

6. Using the search bar, we can now search for an Instagram post template.

Canva page showing a search for an Instagram Post template
Canva Search

And on the new page that open select the blank template.

Screenshot with arrow showing blank template
Select the blank template

7. Click on Elements on the side bar at the left and search for Grid. Select a grid with five elements. One on top with four underneath.

Screenshot showing how to select a grid in Canva. 5 grids are used to display picture and colors for your mood board
Choose a grid layout

8. Go to Uploads, click on Upload Image or Video button, and select the same photo we have used to extract our colour palette from. Then drag and drop the image to the top grid. You will see that the image snaps to the grid.

A screenshot showing how to upload an image to Canva and drag and drop it onto a grid
Drag and Drop Image to Top Grid

Copy HEX Values

9. Now we are going to copy the HEX values from the Canva Color Palette Generator into Canva. When selecting one of the colour grids, the HEX value is automatically copied to the clipboard.

Screenshot showing how to copy HEX values in Canva Color Template Generator
Colour Palette with Hex Values

10. In Canva, select the first bottom grid and click on the colour picker on top. Paste the HEX value and select the first colour that shows. See how it changes the colour of the grid!

A screenshot showing how to change the colour of a grid in Canva using the colour picker
Grid with first colour of the palette

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 to fill the colours in the remaining grids.

A screenshot of the completed Mood Board in Canva
The Completed Mood Board

Save your mood board

12. The last step is to save your mood board. Click top right on Download and select from the drop-down the option you want PNG ꟾ JPG ꟾ PDS Standard ꟾ PDF Print or GIF. Select download and save the image to your computer. You will get a pop-up block asking you for a free trial. Your choice! Otherwise just close it with the top right arrow.

A screenshot showing how to save your mood board to your computer from Canva
Download the palette

There you go, you have completed your first mood board!

Please share your mood board with us in the comments or on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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