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Starting a new business can be quite daunting. But in today’s digital world, there is plenty of resources and valuable information available for free (or at a very low cost) that can help you to be more productive. Instead of spending hours online looking for the perfect tools for your business, check out the resources below to see if there is anything that can be of use to your business!


Personally, I love Evernote, and have used it for many years in a personal capacity! For me the most important feature is that Evernote seamlessly sync to your PC, tablet or smartphone – although the free version only supports two devices). Notes can be tagged and organized in different notebooks, and even with the free version, Evernote has an excellent search functionality! Read my Evernote article for more detailed info.

Find the Evernote solution that fits your needs.

The POPI Act:

The POPI Act of 2013 regulates the Protection of Personal Information and affects all businesses in one way or another.

The purpose of the act is to effect the constitutional right to privacy by safeguarding personal information. When processed by a responsible party  and subject to justifiable limitations.

The Act aims to balance the right to privacy against other rights. For example the right of access to information. And the protection of important interests, including the free flow of information within the Republic and across international borders.

The Act regulates the ways in which personal information may be processed, by establishing conditions in  harmony with international standards. It prescribes the minimum threshold requirement for the lawful processing of personal information.

The Act also provides a person with rights and remedies to protect their personal informationfrom processing which is not in accordance to the Act.

It also established voluntary and compulsory measures, including the establishment of an Information Regulator. This is to ensure respect for and promote, enforce and fulfill the rights protected by this Act.

You can find the terminology relating to this act here.

Source: Protection of Personal Information Act No 4 of 2013

Download the PDF file here.

Blogging Secrets – Midwife & Life

Most blogging course available, though very good, tend to overwhelm new bloggers. Mainly due to the in-depth coverage of different aspects of blogging.

Blogging Secrets is the one blogging course I wish I’ve discovered earlier as it could have saved me hours of research. It covers the basics of what you need to do when starting a blog. What I especially like is that it is mostly text based (with only 1 video!). Being hearing-impaired I often find video’s tiring and very hard to follow.

Section Overview

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • My blogging story
  • Before you start
  • Setting up your website
  • Business and Legal
  • Blog writing secrets
  • Social media secrets
  • Where to find paid blogging and writing work
  • Affiliate marketing secrets
  • Giveaways secrets
  • Scaling your blog
  • Bonus section
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