Mrs Susan van der Walt has been an employee of Concor Construction from October 2001 to October 2018. During this time period Susan has managed the Stationery Store and was involved in Records Management. She was also the secretary for the Head Office Health & Safety Committee.
Her dedication and commitment to her responsibilities were very broad and encompassed general finance and administration, procurement, inventory management (Stationery, Media, Branding), the
updating of BBBEE information for suppliers and a full understanding of records management (capturing of data and resolving queries).
During this time I have found her to be ethical, self-motivated, conscientious and reliable” – Ian Campbell – IT Executive (Concor Construction)

I am writing this reference at the request of Susan, whom I had the pleasure of working with for the past 13 years as one of her printing suppliers.
Susan has several strengths I’d like to share. She has exceptional ethical skills. For example, not once in the 13 years did she supply me with another price from a competitor to beat in order to secure a order from her, she was always straight forward with what she needed and expected nothing less in return. Not once did I have to ask her to supply me with extra information etc. as she knew exactly what she needed and where to get the best cost-effective goods without compromising quality.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend Susan. If her performance in my dealings with her is any indication of how she’d perform in the available position, Susan will be an extremely positive addition to your organization. – Alet Domann – Owner & Estimator (The Nu Colour Tiger)

We have dealt with Susan van der Walt since mid-2012 when we started supplying the company she worked for with their stationery.
We found her to be a very fastidious worker, who dealt with all aspects of our account in a meticulous way. – Lynn Lill (Director: Reef Office Supplies)

Susan has done a great job in the area of stationery and archiving to which I believe is owed to her commitment to her job as well asher methodical way of going about her everyday tasks. – Hilton Currie (IT Executive: Murray and Roberts)

Susan is very diligent with a high level of perserverence and commitment – she is methodical and thorough and I would recommend her for any position for which she feels she is equipped to do. – Carol Pretorius (Turnkey Fire)